Wise Counsel

At Taggart, Rimes & Graham, we believe that integrity, respect for our clients and for one another, and twenty-first century productivity are not mutually exclusive values.

We have purposely structured our firm in such a way as best to serve and protect our clients’ interests. In fact, the reason our firm was created was the conviction of our attorneys that each of us could better meet the needs of his or her clients by joining together to bring to bear a stronger pool of talent and a wider range of experience on each matter entrusted to us.

We will accept only those matters on which we believe we can add significant value for our clients, and where we have demonstrable expertise.

Subject to our clients’ approval, we strive to assign to each matter as lead attorney the member of the firm who is most well-equipped to handle it. The acknowledged standard for excellence in our firm is the ability to move matters to real solutions that meet our clients’ real needs. Productivity is measured in terms of results achieved, not volume of work or hours billed. And a satisfied client is the basis for our highest sense of professional achievement.

When a matter comes into our offices, it becomes the responsibility of our firm, not just that of an individual attorney.