Embracing Digital Transformation
A human approch to AWS Cloud Innovaton

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses are often caught in the whirlwind of technological advancement. At BeCloud, we understand that the essence of digital transformation is not just about adopting new technologies but also about fostering a culture that puts people at the heart of change. Our role as AWS cloud consultants is to facilitate this shift, ensuring that digital transformation aligns with your core purpose and serves your customers and employees in the best way possible.

Digital Transformation with a Human Focus

Digital transformation should resonate with your passion for serving your customers and employees. Our AWS assessments are designed to delve into your aspirations and lay down a data-driven foundation that propels you towards achieving those goals. It's about creating a synergy between your business objectives and the digital tools that can help you realize them.

Evolving Mindsets and Culture

Transformation is as much about technology as it is about people. It requires a shift in mindset and culture. We guide our clients to become agile organizations that can swiftly adapt to new capabilities while holding on to their enduring values. Through extensive training and open communication, we ensure that technology empowers people rather than intimidates them.

Technical Blueprint for Success

Our expertise in AWS cloud services provides you with the technical blueprint necessary for infrastructure optimizations, consolidation, integration, governance, and next-generation architecture. We conduct rigorous reviews and guide our clients through a phased adoption journey, laying the groundwork for sustained innovation.

Human Connection in the Digital Space

We believe that human connection is paramount. Our approach involves mapping customer journeys to establish meaningful physical and digital touchpoints, ensuring that the user experience remains at the forefront of our digital solutions.

Leadership and Change Management

Effective digital transformation starts from within. We coach leadership on articulating the 'why' behind digitalization, focusing on the benefits it brings to customers and employees. Purpose and transparency are the cornerstones of solid change management.

Reskilling for the Digital Age

It's crucial to invest in reskilling current teams, providing ample training on new tools while emphasizing the importance of human skills. Creating digital academies, rotations, and mentorships can integrate learning into the organizational culture.

reskilling for digital age

Incentivizing Knowledge Sharing

We encourage knowledge sharing and celebrate quick wins to build momentum. By conducting pulse surveys, we can identify adoption challenges early and course-correct swiftly to maintain stakeholder engagement.

Strategic Checklist for Transformation

  • Audit your customer experience across all channels to identify pain points and envision an ideal omni-channel journey.
  • Assess your data maturity and invest in ETL, governance, and consolidation.
  • Set bold innovation KPIs but pilot incrementally, adopting an agile approach.
  • Balance digital convenience with personal care by weaving in human touchpoints.
  • Develop people’s capabilities and underscore their value.
  • Monitor adoption through surveys, usage metrics, and user feedback.
  • Communicate milestones, wins, visions, and the 'why' to keep stakeholders informed and engaged.

James Phipps 4 November, 2023
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