How can my business get started with Cloud Computing?

More secure, agile and cost effective then most on premise solutions

The short answer to the question of how to get started using the cloud is that you probably already have.  So many of todays mainstream services such as LinkedIN, Uber, DoorDash, Gmail, Microsoft 365 and Amazon are running on public clouds.  Most websites including this one are running on cloud resources.  It is estimated that 85% of websites are hosted in the Public Cloud.  AWS has roughly 9 million live websites. Thats more than the entire population of Switzerland. (Source:BuiltWith)

The Cloud is here to stay

The pandemic, Hurricane Ida, and other natural disasters prove and serve as constant reminders that running you services in the cloud is a good idea.  Cloud services can experience outages but when compared to local server failures and the cost of true business continuity with redundant servers the cloud wins every time.  The cloud if configured correctly is many times more secure than a server located in your local broom closet.  The pandemic has shown us that remote connectivity, reliability, availability and agility is best done in the cloud.  There is no turning back from that now.

Which cloud or service

The answer to that is it depends.  BeCloud can audit your current environment and propose a custom solution that checks off the best practices for security, reliability and agility.  There are many ways to migrate your systems and data.  We are familiar with and certified in the leading technologies and tools to get the job done with the least amount of interruption.

Start your cloud journey today

Make sure you are positioned to withstand the next disaster by utilizing cloud resources.  Contact us to map out your journey to enhanced security, reliability and agility.

James Phipps 9 November, 2021
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