What is BeCloud's SecureIT Managed Service?

BeCloud has been protecting our customers networks since 2011.  During this time we have gained significant experience on what works best to defend our clients.  When clients follow our advice they have remarkable success rates for defending or recovering from a cyberattack.  Our goal is to prevent successful attacks but if one does penetrate your defenses we immediately activate the action response plan to get you back up and running in record time.

High levels of protection

BeCloud combines detection and prevention engines with our Jackson Mississippi based security professionals to hunt, identify and eradicate threats. Our security professionals offer expert advice and fast response to keep our customers networks running as efficiently as possible.  Our monitoring reports back to security dashboards in our Jackson, MS. Network Operations Center where security professional immediately address threats based on security risk priority's.

Based on industry standards

Our approach to securing networks is based on ISO 27001 and NIST standards.  The standards are comprehensive and recognized the world over.  When the standards are followed they insure that information security controls are organized into comprehensive risk avoidance tasks and procedures.  Security is an ongoing process and must be managed as such.

Improve your security protection

Invest in comprehensive security monitoring and next generation tools to protect you business.

James Phipps 1 November, 2021
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